About me



Hi, I’m Jade.

I like words and always have. My first word was ‘Meow’, but I’ve come a long way.

Allow me to break down my tagline so as to give you a better indication of who I am and why you should be here (on the site, that is, not on Earth).


  • As a reader, Emily Bronte offered herself up to me as my first great love; she has certainly not been my last.
  • I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t bored co-workers with an insistence that they read Dubliners by James Joyce (you should take that as a hint, by the way).


  • I wrote my first novel when I was twelve. It was about a haunted house. Considering it was wholly hand-written and, as such, no longer exists, you’ll just have to take my word that it was a gripping read. I haven’t written any novels since
  • I received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature in 2013
  • I wrote a short piece for a publication called Winsome Journal in the interim (you can see my portfolio/resume here)
  • In early 2016 I began a Masters in Publishing and Communications.

Aspiring Rollerskater:

  •  This one speaks for itself. It is related in the sense that it is a small dream of mine.

So there you are. If you’ve got this far, I salute you!

On Paper will endeavour to combine all these things (though maybe less of the rollerskating- unless there happens to be a demand for it). I aim to explore where the industry is headed and see what it is that makes a great writer.

Everything, on paper.




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Featured photograph by Adam Meehan, taken 10 April 2016
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