I am undertaking a Master of Publishing and Communications. Though I have previously focused my efforts and education towards creative writing, I aim to develop my skills in both publishing and editing so as to expand my knowledge in the field of literature. As such, my primary subject focus had been on publishing and editing.

Prior to my recent studies, I supported my move to Melbourne (I am from Brisbane originally) by working in workers compensation from 2014 until February 2016. While this predominantly served the purpose of funding my move and study, I was afforded the opportunity to compose and edit lengthy documents and letters on a day-to-day basis.

Before that, I was in Brisbane completing my Bachelor of Creative Writing and Literature. I was awarded an overall GPA of 5.6 on completion of this. I studied a range of topics within this class; everything from Shakespeare to Irish Literature. In the interim I worked at Bookstars, a discount book and art supply store. Here, I was given the prestigious task of maintaining the popular ‘Penguin Classics’ range.

I moved to Brighton in the United Kingdom in mid-2011. During this time, I deferred my courses and travelled Europe for two years while also working as an assistant manager at Pylones, purveyor of ‘French Art Objects’.

I wrote for the first issue of Winsome Journal while I was living abroad.

I have included a more formal list of my education and recent experience in the dropdown menus below.