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Top Five: Books for Creative Writing

We all approach writing differently.

Ernest Hemingway wrote standing up. James Joyce wrote in a white coat while lying on his stomach in bed. Truman Capote wouldn’t begin or complete a piece on a Friday.

Lucky for any Capoteans out there, it’s not Friday. In celebration (the first celebration of ‘it not being Friday’ that I have partaken in), i’ve created the first episode of ‘Scribe Life’ to put some ideas out there about my top books to help with creative writing.

In short, the process is not as simple as being a creative genius who spits out Shakespearean prose daily (or maybe it is for some, but definitely not for me!) It requires brainstorming, editing, revising, and possibly the occasional ripping and throwing of drafts. So why not have some guides handy for when you need help along the way? Whatever I have difficulty with, the five books I have included in the video below offer much needed help when I need it.


Credit where credit is due- I’ve listed the books included below:

Image attribution: Old books by David Flores, CC. 2.0